About Us

Our Mission Statement

“Cambridge Chemical Corporation is committed to a standard of excellence in research, innovation and development of specialty chemicals that meet specific requirements for our customers.”


CAMBRIDGE CHEMICAL CORPORATION is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is currently serving the Southeast, which includes Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee; and is in the process of expanding nationwide. Cambridge was originally established to develop and supply Specialty Chemicals to the Textile Industry by using knowledge and experience that spans a period of almost 50 years. Products were developed for use in Preparation, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing of both woven and knit goods, as well as yarn. In an effort to keep pace with a rapidly changing global economy, Cambridge has diversified itself into other markets; some of which include but are not limited to: Government Agencies, Schools, Hospitals, Car Wash and Detailing, Truck Wash, Trailer Wash, Bus Wash, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Powder Coating and Marinas. The latest technology is being used to develop new and improved specialty chemicals, plus a specific emphasis is being placed on developing products that are environmentally friendly. Cambridge not only has an extensive line of products, but also the capability to develop products according to your specifications and end use.