Industrial Chemicals

Cambridge Chemical Corporation is proud to provide a variety of high end Industrial Chemical products to its customers.

Please select from the categories below, to explore our latest CamPro Industrial Chemicals:


– CamPro Release CF-30

– CamPro Release CF-6

– CamPro Release AFI

– CamPro Release AR

– CamPro Asphalt SIL

– CamPro Paint Stripper

– CamPro Metal Stripping Agent

– CamPro Degreaser Conc

– CamPro Degreaser 1000XL

– CamPro Green Degreaser SG-HD

– CamPro Green Degreaser SG-Extreme

– CamPro All Purpose Cleaner

– CamPro Red Hot

– CamPro 500- PW

– CamPro Powder Coat Cleaner

– CamPro Coil Cleaner