Textile Specialty Chemicals

Cambridge Chemical Corporation is proud to provide a variety of high end Textile Specialty Chemical products to its customers.

Please select from the categories below, to explore our latest CamPro Textile Specialty Chemicals:


 Textile Specialty Chemicals Defined

– CAMFOAM: Non silicone and silicone defoamers.

– CAMQUEST: Chelates for iron, calcium, magnesium and other metals and minerals.

– CAMSOFT: Cationic, noionic and silicone softeners for use in the finnishing process of goods.

– CAMTERGE: After scours for Fiber Reactive dyes.

– CAMRES: Highly concentrated, low formaldehyde melamine based textile finishing resins.

– CAMASSIST: Acid donor for dyeing Nylon and Wool with Acid dyes.

– CAMTEX: Special liquid blend of potassium carbonate and chelates for us in Preparation.

– CAMSTAR: Concentrated Liquid blend of starch used in Printing to hold the mark and control color bleed during the Vat aging process.

– CAMFIX: Highly effective fixing agent for improving color fastness with Direct and Fiber Reactive dyes on Cellulosic fibers and Acid dyes on Nylon.

– CAMTAC: Print blanket adhesive.

– CAMCLEAR: Power type reducing agent for clearing Polyester and Nylon fibers.

– CAMCLEAR AW: Liquid type reducing agent.

– CAMLEV: Leveling agents for use with Acid, Direct, Bat and Disperse dyes.

– CAMBRIGHT: Optical brighteners for Cellulosic, Nylon and Polyester Fibers.

– CAMSCOUR OJ 40: Unique in-bath scouring agent.

– CAMWET LF: Highly effective nonionic, low foaming wetting agent.

– CAMSTAT: Cationic antistatic agent for Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester and Natural Fibers.

– CAMALI LIQUID: Liquid Soda Ash replacement.

– CAMCAR: Carriers for Polyester and/or Polyester/Cotton blends.

– CAMZYME: Enzymes for desizing fabrics.

– CAMWET: Nonionic and anionic wetting agents with wetting, re-wetting and penetrating properties.

– CAMLUBE: Lubricating agents for yarn, woven and knit goods.

– CAMBRIDGE LIQUID DP: Catalyst for use with melamine type resins.

– CAMBUILD AV: Acrylic vinyle latex hand builders.